Questions And Answers With Mr. Russell


What differentiates Russell’s Seasoning Blend from other seasoning blends sold in South Louisiana?


“The key statement here is “South Louisiana”, which is an area well known for its fine, delicate, delicious, flavorings, foods and cuisines.  Having been a key player in the food preparation industry for more than 30 years, I can confidently say that Russell’s seasoning is blended with all natural herbs and spices.   There are no additives or preservatives in this product.  It is Our Team’s goal to provide a first class quality product rival in UNIQUENESS like no other seasoning blend on the market.”


What is the most effective way to use Russell’s Seasoning Blend to get the best flavor with your foods?


“As I have shared with many customers, flavor is something that can differ from one person to the next.  So, “a rule of thumb” is to use Russell’s according to your own taste buds.  Just know that ‘U’ can’t use too much Russell’s.”


What are the most essential spice and herb ingredients that make Russell’s standout from other spice and herb ingredients used by other seasoning blend companies?


“Now, if I shared that with you I would be divulging a company trade secret; a secret that not even my pet dog Rusty has ever known.”   


What is the shelf life of Russell’s Seasoning Blend?


“The shelf life of an unopened container of our product is two years. “


What is the typical cost of Russell’s Seasoning Blend products as compared to similar products?


“Well, our cost is a fair market price for what you’re getting.  It has often been said in the sellers circle “you get what you pay for.”  So, Russell’s unique blend of herbs and spices cannot be compared with any other seasoning blend that is now known to us.”