MEET OUR TEAM            

Russell J Sanders - Founder and Owner of Russell’s Original Seasoning Blends, LLC.

Russell is a very busy man who served 42 years as a culinary chef in the food industry.  Russell still dabbles at this fine cuisine art today.  He caters for special events and orders such as his famous “holiday turkey roll,” family holidays and other special events. 


Arlene C. Smith Sanders - President

Arlene assumes the role of President among many other duties, to include business operations, quality control, marketing, sales, distribution and customer service with a group of other functional team members.  She ensures an increased level of customer and employee satisfaction while trying to improve the efficiency of manpower, marketing, sales and distribution.



John Sanders - Business Manager

John as Business Manager oversight and management duties over finance, human resources, marketing, sales and distribution.  He reports to the President and works to increase the Company’s distribution areas.  The Company markets and distributes a seasoning mix to food stores, other food service businesses and individuals for home cooking and grilling.  He serve as internal business consultant by recommending strategic projects that bring business value and provide technical expertise regarding finance, marketing, sales, distribution and human resources.  He serves as second in command under the President and helps to manage the day-to-day operations of the company.


Accounting Clerk   – Position Open

The Accounting Clerk works under the direction of the President and Business Manager.   The Clerk maintains financial and other records necessary to the proper functioning of the Company.   The holder of this position may post entries directly to journals or ledgers, or they may prepare data for input to computers, which produce the records electronically.  Their duties may include responsibility for records of accounts receivable, accounts payable, payrolls, bank deposits, purchase orders, expense reports, and sales commissions.  Knowledge of quickbooks needed.


Daniel J Henderson - Computer Systems/Network Administrator

Daniel is one individual, who heads two positions at our company.  He serves as both our computer systems and network administrator and manager.  In today’s technological age you will find that computer networks are critical part of any business or organization and individuals in these positions are responsible for the day-to-day operation of these networks. 


Eric Campbell - Marketing Manager

This individual oversees and works to activate retail event operations to include product demonstration from start to finish, it include setup and breakdown of all event elements.    The manager assists with retail confirmation calls prior to a scheduled event and represents the brand during cooking demonstrations.  The manager operates and maintains event equipment before and after use throughout the duration of the event.   Responsible for maintaining inventory of all event elements, product and premiums resources and posts event recaps and analysis in a timely manner.  Communicate with the event agency coordinator concerning all of the event logistics and operations.


Sales Manager – Position Open

The Sales Manager solicits Russell’s Original Seasoning Blends business that enables the Company to meet and/or exceed revenue goals in the seasoning marketing, sales and distribution.  This position is for a seasoned sales professional, who desires to be the best in their field and who will continue to show exceptionally strong sales performance by consistently being the leader in revenue production.  This position can share in the financial rewards driven by the increased profit coming from new customer sales.


Sales Delivery – Positions Open

Come join a growing spice seasoning blends distributor in select Louisiana herbs and spices product to include reliable shipping and delivery services.  Why should you be employed by Russell’s Original Seasoning Blends?  Here at Russell’s we value our customers and every employee and recognize delivery persons as the “Driving Force” in our success as an industry leader.  We do offer commission based on total amount of sales.  So the sales delivery driver determines rate of pay.