Looking For Stores


Russell’s Team believes our spice products represent a healthy way of eating that adds spice to your life – Russell’s Original Blend spice seasoning is quite flavorful, tasteful and most importantly healthy.  The human needs factor into a desire for delicious taste, flavor, and health benefit which are the center of our focus.  Now, in the ninth year of business, all these years gave us the opportunity to expand our product offering to more than 100 store locations in three states and 50 towns and major cities.  We are working aggressively to make our product available not only in local independent and chain grocery stores and eateries; but, in our schools, hospitals, nursing care facilities, restaurants and military commissaries throughout the USA.  In addition, we have an online site available where you can purchase our product.


If your local store does not carry the product, then you can request that the store manager place the product in your local store.