More than 95% of our customers would recommend our product to other family members, friends and co-workers to use for their personal home cooked meals, holidays and special events meal preparation and outdoor grilling events.


“As an elderly widow dealing with the various health issues of high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, arthritis, diverticulitis and obesity both food choices and preparation are of great importance.  Therefore, I am always looking for nutritious and tasty ways to make my meals taste good and appetizing especially since I was a “pure salt addict” adding raw salt to my already prepared meals.  Well, thank God for Russell’s Original Seasoning Blend both the low sodium and no salt I can now prepare tasty meals that are healthy and nutritious to both improve and maintain a healthier lifestyle during the remainder of my senior years.” Arlene C. Smith, Founder, Hurt, Help, Heal, Hope IV-H Home Retreat Center, Inc., Baton Rouge, Louisiana


“I never really liked white beans very much.  One Saturday I cooked a pot of white beans and used some of that Russell’s Seasoning and girl I almost ate that whole pot of beans.  That seasoning just made them beans taste so much better.  You didn’t even know you were eating beans; you would’ve thought you were eating some vegetable soup.” Victoria Williams, Member of Second Baptist Church, Baton

Rouge, Louisiana


“Russell’s Seasoning Blends make your foods taste delicious; even if you don’t know how to cook.  You can never add too much of Russell’s to make your food too salty.”  Kristen C. Smith, Student, University of Louisiana, Lafayette, Louisiana